Commerce City Garage Door RepairNeed a reliable garage door repair company near you? Don’s Garage Doors in Commerce City is your go-to place! Don’s Garage Doors has been providing garage door installation and garage door repair throughout the since 1989. Our service are spans Colorado and beyond! Not only do we serve Commerce City, but we provide garage door repair Fort Collins, Arvada, Aurora, Boulder, Denver, Evergreen, Genesee, Thornton, and beyond! Our experienced garage door technicians have serviced, repaired, and replaced garage doors for over 102,000 happy customers and never hire subcontractors, so you can be assured of quality and professional garage door services every time you choose Don’s Garage Doors.

We’re known for our expertise and dedication to making customers happy, making sure your garage door works well, looks good, saves energy, and keeps your home safe. We use only the best garage door materials and parts available.

We understand that your garage door is not only the largest moving component of your house but also has a huge impact on the overall curb appeal. That’s why we have everything you need: garage door installation of various types of garage doors, fitting the right garage door opener for your door, preparing for any garage door repair situations problems, replacing broken garage door parts or broken garage door springs, regular maintenance deals, and more. Whatever your garage door needs, we’ve got you covered.


Don’s Garage Door Service in Commerce City, CO

Don’s Garage Doors is honored to serve the people of Colorado and the Commerce City area. We’re dedicated to maintaining our strong reputation for top-notch garage door services, excellent craftsmanship, great value, and making sure our customers are completely happy.

No matter if it’s a small repair or installing a new door, our expert garage door technicians approach every task with excitement and attention to detail that our customers expect from the best garage door company in Colorado. We do more than just repair doors; we’re committed to creating lasting, trust-based relationships with every visit to your home. We’re on a mission to achieve greatness, one garage door and one neighborhood at a time. Check out our gallery of before and after photos to see some of our recent work.

We’re proud of our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and the positive feedback from our customers. We’d love for you to see the top-quality service that has made us well-known. Take a look at our glowing testimonials and get in touch with us today to arrange your garage door service in Commerce City! Commerce City is less than 8 miles away from our Aurora office!

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We are available 7 days a week, Monday to Sunday between 6:00am to 9:30pm

Garage Door Installation Near You in Commerce City

Don’s Garage Door Service is your neighborhood expert for garage door installations, with a team that knows how to handle both residential and commercial setups of any size. We take pride in our extensive collection of top-quality garage door brands like Ankmar Garage Doors, Amarr Garage Doors, Clopay Garage Doors, CHI Garage Doors, Door Link Garage Doors, Martin Garage Doors, Northwest Garage Doors, and Wayne Dalton Garage Doors.

Finding the right garage door is a breeze with us. We’ve got a wide array of designs, materials, colors, and styles that will boost the look of your property. Whether you’re in the market for a durable metal garage door, a timeless wooden garage door, an energy-saving insulated garage door, or a sleek aluminum or glass garage door, we’ve got options to suit every preference and requirement.

When picking out your garage door, it’s smart to think about the local weather in Commerce City. With warm and clear summers and very cold, snowy winters, and temperatures ranging from 21°F to 89°F — rarely dipping below 5°F or climbing above 97°F — choosing the right features for your garage door can make a big difference.

Climate in Commerce City

If you’re part of a Homeowners Association, they might have specific rules about the types of materials and designs you can use, which could impact the cost of installing your garage door. Also, make sure to verify that your garage door meets all local regulations. While in Commerce City residents may not need a permit to replace a garage door attached to the home, you may need a building permit for new detached structures as per the Colorado Chapter of the International Code Council.

We’re committed to installing your garage doors swiftly, using only the finest components and garage door hardware, and we’ll do it on time and within your budget. Our goal is to exceed your expectations, enhancing both the functionality and appearance of your property with a premium garage door. Call us today to schedule your installation and take the first step toward upgrading your property’s appeal.

Commerce City Garage Door Opener Installation

Don’s Garage Doors is thrilled to offer an extensive selection of garage door openers suitable for both residential and commercial properties. We know picking out the right opener can be a bit overwhelming, but our experienced garage door technicians are here to guide you to the ideal match for your needs and within your budget.

Interested in upgrading to smart technology for your garage? Our smartphone-controlled garage door openers allow you to operate your garage door from anywhere. This means you can open it for friends or deliveries and receive alerts every time it’s used. If you’re in the market for a space-efficient wall-mounted opener or want to upgrade from a loud chain drive to a smoother, quieter belt drive, we’ve got a variety of options waiting for you.

Discover the unique features and benefits of our garage door openers and see how our professional installation services can enhance the convenience and functionality of your garage.

Is Your Garage Door Stuck?

garage spring repair near meWhen your garage door won’t shut or gets stuck open, many might blame the opener. However, the issue is frequently with the garage door springs, which are crucial for lifting and lowering the door. If your garage door isn’t moving, it’s likely you need to replace a garage door spring replacement.

Whether it’s a repair involving replacing a snapped spring, fixing an opener, or tackling more complex garage door problems, our professional repair team is ready to assist you promptly and dependably.

Garage Door Maintenance Near You in Commerce City

Making sure your garage door runs smoothly is important for both safety and longevity. That’s why regular check-ups from our garage door specialists are essential for keeping your garage in the best condition. Our experienced technicians have the expertise and the right tools to perform detailed inspections, lubricate all moving parts, and make any necessary tweaks to ensure your garage door is functioning properly.

If your garage door is noisy, moving strangely, or not performing as well as it used to, it’s time to get in touch with the experts at Don’s Garage Doors. The issue could be as minor as the door being off its tracks, misaligned, or requiring a simple fix. We suggest regular maintenance to identify and resolve issues promptly, helping you avoid expensive repairs or the need for a complete replacement down the line.

Garage Door Repair Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Safe For Me To Repair My Garage Door Myself?

Repairing your garage door yourself can be safe for certain minor maintenance tasks, such as tightening loose screws, lubricating moving parts, or replacing simple components like weatherstripping. However, for more complex issues or those involving critical components like garage door springs, cables, or electrical systems, it is generally not safe for most homeowners to attempt repairs on their own. There are a variety of considerations, including potential safety hazards, lack of expertise, specialized tools and equipment that may be needed, and even the risk of voiding your garage door’s warranty are all factors to consider when determining if your garage door repair is a DIY job or if it is time to call in a professional garage door repair company. In most cases, it’s safer and more practical to hire a professional for garage door repair in Denver, especially for significant repairs or if you are unsure of the problem.

What Happens if My Garage Door Isn’t Balanced?

If your garage door isn’t balanced correctly, it can lead to excessive wear and tear, uneven door movement, stress on garage door components, and potentially cause damage to your garage door system. A balanced garage door is crucial for its smooth and safe operation. It’s essential to address any issues with an unbalanced garage door promptly. Balancing a garage door typically involves adjusting the tension in the springs to ensure that the door is properly counterweighted. This is a task that should be performed by a trained and experienced garage door technician to ensure that it is done correctly and safely. Regular maintenance and inspections by professionals can help prevent and address balance issues and ensure the long-term functionality and safety of your garage door.

Check Out What Our Customers Are Saying About Our Garage Door Services Near You In Commerce City, CO

Great experience. Reyes was the technician that came out and was punctual and knowledgeable. The tune up special was worth the money and I will be using Don’s again in the future.

Justin A on Google

Sam from Denver was just out to look at my opener that was loose in my main garage. He not only tightened it but noticed sensors not working; He fixed that and wrapped the wiring that was not done on original install. He went above and beyond and I would highly recommend Don’s Garage door

Cindy S on Google

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