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In search of a dependable garage door company near you? Don’t search any further than Don’s Garage Door Service! Remember, your garage door isn’t just an essential part of your home; it’s also one of its largest moving pieces. This is precisely why we at Don’s Garage Doors have earned a respected name for our expertise and are committed to providing first-class service and satisfaction to our clients. We’re dedicated to delivering exceptional garage door services, using only the best quality doors, garage door materials, and components available in the market.

Experience the unmatched services of Don’s Garage Door Service, offering a wide array of services to the Delaware area. Our offerings include a variety of garage door installations, tailor-made garage door opener installations to meet your specific needs, comprehensive garage door repairs for both minor and major issues, replacement of broken garage door parts or garage door springs, routine garage door maintenance packages, and much more to keep your garage in peak condition. Take a moment to view our impressive gallery of garage door before & after images, showcasing some of our recent projects. Also, remember to ask your garage door technician about our worry-free club! Don’t just take our word for it; check out our glowing customer reviews and the many different locations we operate serving cities with garage door services such as Columbus garage door repair, Delaware, Dublin, Grove City, Hilliard, Pickerington, or Westerville.and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau!

Don’s Garage Door Service in Delaware, OH

At Don’s Garage Door Service, we’re proud to serve our local community in Delaware, OH, and its surrounding areas. Our unwavering commitment is to uphold our renowned reputation for delivering superior garage door services, exemplary craftsmanship, outstanding value, and peerless customer satisfaction.

Whether it involves repairing your garage door or installing a brand-new one, our expert garage door technicians handle every job with passion and meticulous care. We do more than just fix doors; we’re committed to establishing solid, trust-based relationships with each customer through our home visits. Join us on a quest for excellence, as we transform garage doors and neighborhoods, one at a time.

We are only a short 30-minute drive to our Westerville location:

275 Old County Line Rd Ste H
Westerville, OH 43081
(614) 899-0244

We are available 7 days a week, Monday to Sunday between 6:00am to 9:30pm

Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Installation Near You in Delaware

CHI Garage Doors in Columbus, OHAs the go-to local garage door specialists in and around Delaware, our team of proficient technicians excels in providing exceptional installation services for both residential and commercial environments. We take great pride in offering an extensive selection of premium garage door brands. Our range includes the likes of Ankmar Garage Doors, Amarr Garage Doors, Clopay Garage Doors, CHI Garage Doors, Door Link Garage Doors, Martin Garage Doors, Northwest Garage Doors, and Wayne Dalton Garage Doors, ensuring a variety of high-quality options to meet your specific needs.

How Much Does a New Garage Door Cost Near You in Delaware, OH?

When exploring the option of a new garage door in Delaware, OH, various factors come into play that will affect the overall cost of installation, which generally includes both labor and materials. Here are some key considerations:

  • The size of your garage in Delaware, OH, can impact the cost. A single-door setup tends to be more affordable in terms of materials, whereas configurations that require multiple doors will have higher costs due to the need for additional materials.
  • There’s a wide spectrum of garage door colors to choose from ranging from vibrant blues, reds, yellows, and purples to more traditional shades like white, black, or brown.
  • Selecting a garage door style that complements your home’s exterior is essential. Options vary from contemporary, carriage house, and modern styles to farmhouse, mid-century, and traditional designs, offering a choice for every architectural taste.
  • The garage door material is a vital decision that balances aesthetics with functionality. Whether you’re in the market for a robust metal garage door, a timeless wooden garage door, or a sleek aluminum or glass garage door option, there are varieties to suit every preference and requirement in Delaware, OH.
  • Consideration of your garage door insulation is important for maximizing energy efficiency. We offer a range of garage doors with different R-Values, tailored to meet your specific insulation requirements.
  • The type of garage door opener you choose should align with your door’s specifications and your personal preferences. Options include standard automatic openers with various mechanisms like tilt-up, roll-up, sliding, or swing-out. Heavier doors may necessitate openers with more robust motors.

The local climate in Delaware, OH, can influence the decision on different garage door features, ensuring that your choice is well-suited to withstand local weather conditions. In Delaware, the climate is comprised of warm summers and freezing winters with temperatures generally fluctuating between 19 °F and 82 °F, seldom dipping below 1 °F or climbing above 89 °F.

Climate in Delaware

Keep in mind, that if you belong to a Homeowners Association, they may have specific rules regarding materials and styles that could impact the cost of your garage door installation. Moreover, it’s crucial to ensure that your garage or home improvement project aligns with local regulations. For instance, under the Residential Code of Ohio, garages are required to have at least one side-hinged door measuring at least 2 feet 6 inches in width and 6 feet 8 inches in height. A door that connects a house to an attached garage can meet this requirement. Additionally, obtaining permits from the City of Delaware might be necessary.

At Don’s Garage Doors, we focus on making your experience as convenient as possible, guaranteeing swift and high-quality installations of garage door hardware that respect your schedule and budget. Our goal goes beyond simply meeting your needs; we aim to exceed them, enhancing both the functionality and appearance of your property with an exceptional garage door. Contact us today to schedule your installation and begin the journey toward an outstanding transformation of your property.

Garage Door Installation

Delaware Garage Door Opener Repair & Installation

Don’s Garage Doors is excited to present a wide array of options for both residential and commercial garage door openers. Choosing the perfect garage door opener might seem overwhelming, but our seasoned garage door repair technicians are here to assist you in navigating the selection process. We’ll help you find the ideal opener that fits both your specific needs and your budget.

Interested in adding smart technology to your garage? Our advanced smartphone-controlled garage door openers allow you to operate your garage door right from your phone. This feature enables you to securely close your garage from anywhere or give access to others as necessary, all while receiving instant notifications whenever your garage door is used. Moreover, if you’re looking to save space with a wall-mount garage door opener, or considering switching from a traditional chain drive to a quieter, more efficient belt drive system, we have various options that cater to your preferences.

Discover the advantages and capabilities of garage door opener repairs and see how our skilled installation services can improve both the functionality and ease of use of your garage area.

Is Your Garage Door Stuck?

Broken Garage Door Spring Repair

When faced with a garage door that refuses to close or gets stuck, many homeowners immediately suspect an issue with the opener. However, it’s often the case that the problem lies with a faulty spring. The springs in your garage door play a pivotal role in managing the heavy lifting. If your garage door is immovable, it’s quite probable that you need a garage door spring replacement.

Our team of expert garage door technicians is always on hand to tackle any repair, whether it’s a standard fix like swapping out a broken spring or rectifying a malfunctioning garage door opener, or even more intricate garage door repair tasks. Count on us for swift and reliable service whenever you need it.

Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Maintenance Near You in Delaware, OH

Ensuring your garage door operates smoothly is crucial for both safety and extending its lifespan. Regular maintenance is key to keeping your garage door in top condition, and our team of garage door technicians is here to help.

Our skilled technicians have the expertise and tools necessary to perform thorough inspections, lubricate all moving parts, and make any adjustments required for optimal operation of your garage door.

If you notice your garage door making unusual noises, moving erratically, or showing signs of reduced functionality, it’s time to call in the experts at Don’s Garage Doors. The issue might be as simple as the door being off its track, misalignment, or needing a minor adjustment. We recommend routine maintenance to promptly identify and fix problems, potentially saving you from costly repairs or complete door replacements in the future.

Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Repair Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Safe For Me To Repair My Garage Door Myself?

While handling minor garage door maintenance yourself, such as tightening screws, lubricating moving parts, or changing basic elements like weatherstripping, is often fine, attempting more complex repairs is usually not recommended for homeowners. This includes issues with garage door springs, cables, or openers, which come with various risks. These risks encompass potential safety hazards, the need for specialized tools and equipment, and the possibility of invalidating your garage door’s warranty.

In most cases, it’s preferable to engage a professional garage door repair technician, particularly for significant repairs or if you’re unsure about the nature of the problem. Professional assistance ensures that repairs are conducted with the required knowledge, experience, and safety measures in place.

What Happens if My Garage Door Isn’t Balanced?

An unbalanced garage door can lead to a host of issues, such as accelerated wear and tear, inconsistent door movements, extra stress on the door and its components, and even the risk of damage to your entire garage door system. It’s crucial to keep your garage door balanced for its safe use and durability. Balancing a garage door generally involves adjusting the spring tension to properly counterbalance the door, inspecting the tracks and rollers, and verifying the condition of the cables. This task should always be performed by a qualified and experienced garage door technician to ensure precision and safety. Regular upkeep and expert evaluations are key in both preventing and addressing any issues with balance, thus safeguarding the long-term effectiveness and safety of your garage door.

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