Loveland Garage DoorsLooking for a reliable garage door service company near you? Don’s Garage Doors is here for you! Don’s Garage Doors has been providing garage door installation and garage door repair throughout the Denver area since 1989, and now we’re proudly serving Loveland as well! Our experienced garage door technicians have serviced, replaced, and repaired garage doors for over 102,000 happy customers.

Known for our expertise and dedication to making customers happy, we make sure your garage door works well, boosts your home’s energy efficiency, looks great, and keeps you secure. We’re all about providing the best service with the best garage door materials, and garage door parts out there.

Your garage door is a big, important part of your house, and we’ve got all your needs covered. Our services include a variety of garage door installations, custom garage door opener setups to match your specific door, garage door repairs for any issue, swapping out broken parts or broken garage door springs, regular maintenance plans, and more. Whatever your garage door system needs, we’re on it.


Don’s Garage Door Service in Loveland, CO

Garage Door Repair LovelandDon’s Garage Door Service is proud to serve the people of Colorado and the Loveland area as well as surrounding areas like Boulder, Fort Collins, and Longmont. We’re dedicated to maintaining our reputation for top-quality garage door services, excellent craftsmanship, and great value, and ensuring our customers are completely satisfied with our garage door repairs, installation, and maintenance services.

No job is too small or too big for us, from quick fixes to installing brand-new doors. Our experienced garage door technicians approach each task with passion and precision. We do more than just repair doors; we’re committed to building lasting, trust-based relationships with every visit. We’re on a mission to make a difference, one garage door and one neighborhood at a time. Have a look at our gallery to see the stunning transformations we’ve achieved with our garage doors.

We’re proud of our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and the positive feedback from our customers. We invite you to experience the top-notch service that has made us a familiar and trusted name. Take a look at our customer testimonials and get in touch with us today to book your garage door service in Loveland! Loveland is less than 11 miles away from our Fort Collins office!

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We are available 7 days a week, Monday to Sunday between 6:00am to 9:30pm

Garage Door Installation Near You in Loveland

Whether for your home or business, or the size of the garage door, our team at Don’s Garage Doors is here for you! Our team is filled with knowledgeable experts in installing a wide range of top-quality garage door brands including Ankmar Garage Doors, Amarr Garage Doors, Clopay Garage Doors, CHI Garage Doors, Door Link Garage Doors, Martin Garage Doors, Northwest Garage Doors, Wayne Dalton Garage Doors, and more!

Finding the right garage door is a breeze with our vast selection of styles, materials, colors, and designs. Whether you’re looking for a sturdy metal garage door, a timeless wooden garage door, an energy-efficient insulated garage door, or a stylish aluminum or glass garage door, we’ve got options to suit every taste and requirement. When choosing your garage door, it’s important to consider the local climate. In Loveland, you’ll experience mainly warm summers and freezing, windy, and snowy winters, with temperatures typically ranging from 18°F to 88°F.

Climate in Loveland

If you’re part of a Homeowners Association, remember they may have specific rules about materials and designs that could impact your installation costs. Plus, it’s crucial to comply with local regulations. For instance, you may want to check with the City of Loveland Building Division to see if a building permit is needed. Usually, if the garage door is attached to the home, you won’t need a permit to replace only the door. If you are building a detached garage or converting a carport, you may need a permit. Another consideration is that Loveland adopted the International Building Code which stipulates under Section 1609.2.3 that all garage doors with glazed openings (windows, glass, or otherwise not a solid garage door) need to meet approved impact resistance standards.

At Don’s Garage Doors, your needs are our priority. We ensure fast, high-quality installations using the best hardware, all tailored to fit your schedule and budget. We’re not just about meeting your expectations; we aim to exceed them, enhancing both the functionality and appearance of your property with a superior garage door. Call us today to schedule your installation and take the first step toward upgrading your property.

Loveland Garage Door Opener Installation

Don’s Garage Doors is thrilled to offer a diverse array of garage door openers suitable for both residential and commercial use. We understand that picking the right opener can be challenging, but our team of experienced garage door technicians is here to assist you in finding the ideal opener that meets your needs and fits your budget.

Interested in integrating smart technology with your garage door? Our smartphone-controlled garage door openers allow you to operate your garage door from anywhere. This feature lets you grant access to others when needed and sends you alerts whenever your garage door is used. Additionally, if you’re interested in a space-saving wall-mounted opener or looking to upgrade from a loud chain drive to a quieter belt drive, we have a variety of options available.

Call us to explore the unique features and benefits of our garage door openers and discover how our professional installation services can simplify and enhance your garage experience.

Is Your Garage Door Stuck?

When your garage door won’t close or gets stuck open, many assume the opener is to blame. However, the issue often lies with the garage door springs. These springs are crucial for operating your garage door. If your door isn’t moving, it’s likely you need the help of our experienced technicians for a broken garage door spring replacement service.

Whether it’s replacing a snapped spring, fixing an opener, or handling more complex garage door repairs, our skilled team is ready to provide fast and dependable assistance with your garage door repair Loveland.

Garage Door Maintenance Near You in Loveland

It’s important for safety and longevity to keep your garage door running smoothly. That’s where regular upkeep by our garage door specialists comes in, ensuring your garage stays in prime condition. Our experienced technicians are equipped to perform comprehensive inspections, lubricate all moving parts, and make any necessary adjustments to ensure your garage door functions properly.

If you’re noticing your garage door is noisy, moving strangely, or not performing as it once did, it’s time to get in touch with the experts at Don’s Garage Doors. The issue could be as minor as the door being off its track, misaligned, or in need of a simple tweak. Regular maintenance is key to identifying and addressing issues early, helping you avoid expensive repairs or the need for a complete replacement down the line.

Garage Door Repair Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Safe To Repair My Garage Door Myself?

DIY garage door repair is usually a bad idea. There are overhead springs that hold a lot of tension and the doors are heavy and both can create enough force to cause serious injuries or fatalities if they break or fall. In addition to being incredibly dangerous, you also risk voiding your garage door warranty if repairs aren’t done by a qualified technician. Instead, rely on the best garage door repair in Denver and surrounding areas with Don’s Garage Door Service.

Do My Garage Door Springs Need To Be Adjusted?

Possibly. Your garage door springs are there to counterbalance the weight of your garage door. If they’re not adjusted properly for your door, the weight of the door will make it difficult to open and close, putting more strain on your garage door components, leading to early failure. Properly adjusted springs will help ensure you get longer use out of your garage door components.

What Happens if My Garage Door Isn’t Balanced?

A garage door that is out of balance puts increased stress on both the garage door itself, as well as the garage door opener and its components. This additional strain can lead to the overexertion of your garage door opener and may result in the early breakdown or malfunction of various parts. Moreover, an unbalanced door poses a safety risk as it has the potential to unexpectedly fall, potentially causing harm or, in severe cases, even fatal accidents.

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